Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Can I charge my Android tablet with the USB port on my computer?

Depends. If it changes with the USB port of your computer, it does so quite slowly. USB ports are usually not enough for charging Android tablets due to the electrical design of the tablet itself and the low amount of current a USB port typically supplies. For best results, stick with the charger that comes with the tablet.

Can I upgrade the ROM (storage space) in my tablet?

Usually not. The flash memory ROM chip is typically soldered on the mainboard and is not end-user replaceable.

Some tablets have external storage in the form of a microSD card. Recent versions of Android do not allow the installation of applications or application data on to external storage devices. When you are allowed to move applications to the external microSD, this may involve some sort of annoying manual procedure.

Can I upgrade the RAM in my tablet?

Typical tablets are embedded platforms, and do not have replaceable RAM modules. They are closer to the smartphone than a netbook. So no, you can’t just upgrade the RAM in most cases.

Can I watch videos on my Android device?

Video support for Android devices vary, depending on the chipset and associated video decoder employed on the device. Flash video depends on support for Adobe flash. However, some web services such as Youtube have videos formatted for mobile devices and does not require Adobe flash to view.

With more recent products with Cortex A8 or better, the device may contain a technology called NEON, which allows you to run apps that can do the decoding for you efficiently. Examples of these applications include MXPlayer, and DicePlayer.

Can I view my calendar and email offline with my Android device?

Yes. The easiest way to do so is via the included Google applications on your device. You will need to sync your data to the device periodically by connecting to the internet, where your device your retrieve your data from the Google cloud. Supported Google services include but are not limited to Gmail and Google Calendar.