changez votre tablette Surtab 7" 3G et recevez la valeur d'échange comme

crédit vers l'achat de la toute dernière SURTAB 10" 3G HD.

    We'll check if:
      - the device powers on
      - the keypad and/or touchscreen work
      - the screen and/or body are cracked
      - there are signs of liquid damage
      - the battery and and accessories are included
    Nope. All trades are final. The device can't be returned to you at any time after you've traded it up.
    Yes. This will help increase your device value.
    To make sure your personal info is protected, here's what you should do before trading-in your device:
      1. Back it up: Back up any personal info that you want to keep, like contacts, emails, documents, pictures, videos and music. The device can't be returned to you after trade up.
      2. Deactivate your account: If you have one, take out your SIM card. If your device doesn't have a SIM card.
      3. Remove your memory cards: If you have one, remove your memory card.
      4. Reset your device: Delete all your personal info by resetting your device to the factory default settings.
      5. battery: Make sure the battery is charged so that we can check your device out in the factory.