1) Please be sure you are using the USB cable and wall charger that comes with our device.

    2) Check to see if the USB cable and wall charger are not damaged.

    3) Reset Your device and let it charge for a minimum of 30 minutes.

    4) If the Charging micro USB port of your device seems damage or broken, if any of these suggestions do not work. Please contact us or stop by our factory.
    1)Make sure the airplane mode is deactivated.

    2) Make sure that your SIM card is functional and inserted Properly.

    3) Contact your service provider to troubleshoot.

    4) Contact an authorize repair center.
    1) Check to see if your data is activated.

    2) Check your settings and verify it is installed on your device (APN) for more details contact your service provider.

    3) Contact your service provider.
    A WiFi tablet only allows you to be connected uniquely to the instant via a WiFi signal. A 3G tablet enables you to make phone calls and can be connected to the internet using your data.
    Unless you are purchased your Sûrtab Tablet at a Specific provider, you can use any standard SIM card from any provider from around the world.
    Install a credible anti virus software and do a scan in order to erase the virus.
    If this does not work, contact an authorize repair store near you.
    yes, Our tablets are by default "UNLOCKED", they can be used with any telephone companies.
    Dry the screen if your tablet as well as your hands, watermarks might be the issue.

If you ddid not find the answer youwere looking for, please feel free to contact us, our staff would be happy help you.

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