"Textbooks, interactive learning tools and training materials; All this comfortably housed in the palm of every student: the SAKADO."

Technology is affecting the education industry at a really high pace, changing the whole face and system of education worldwide. Research shows that e-learning can increase the involvement, motivation and student attendance: these are the main conditions for the acquisition of knowledge.

An effective e-learning program can also improve student performance in core subjects and enable them to acquire the skills for the twenty-first century, whether in developed or emerging countries.

At Sûrtab we support educational institutions, teachers, students and parents to negotiate this technological shift by providing dedicated support for:

  1. The use of resources and digital tools for a variety of reasons, including research.
  2. The possibility of integrating the digital version of textbooks replacing paper version inside the classroom use.

The Sakado is equipped with:

  1. Tools that will allow students to perform academic tasks more efficiently.
  2. Educational applications handpicked and tested by teachers that will enable each child to make faster progress in their learning.
  3. Educational videos selected by experienced teachers and that will allow children to progress at home and review the notions seen in class.


    1) Dictionaries
    2) Smart calculators
    3) Interactive applications for Math and Science.
    4) A wide range of educational content (books, presentations, animations, etc ...)

All contents and applications are available on the Sakado in an interface protected by a code for greater parental control and assurance that the Sakado fulfill its primary function is to boost the work and learning of the child