The Sûrtab Mobile Classroom

" Unleashing the power of innovation in education "

  • Put powerful tools in the hands of students and teachers, and allow access to digital contents to support and enhance teaching and learning..

  • Access in the classroom to a vast array of electronic information, to create customized material for classes.

  • A more student-oriented and customized approach to curricular development.
  • Use of digital resources and digital tools for a variety of purposes including research.

  • Digital version of text books replaces the paper version for in-class use

  • Makes education accessible to every student according to his/her individual intelligence level and talent.

Portable :

    Turn any regular classroom into a digital / Multimedia class with

Autonomous :

    Our mobile classroom is conceived to work 5 hours without any electrical input

Power efficient :

    The Surtab Mobile Classroom is incorporated with low consumption devices and comes with a portable charging station, that enable centralized recharge of all its elements.

Affordable :

    Simple and modular offers adapted to low budget institutions, they can be acquired for the quarter of the price of a “standard IT classroom”.

"No internet, no problem!"

The Surtab Mobile Classroom comes out of the box packed with educational tools and contents on the portable content access point, so schools in the most remote locations can easily integrate without constraints.

  1. 2 different classroom management systems, including Doralya a locally developed platform with full support and entirely customizable. Teachers can create students profiles, teaching classes and submit quiz and exams.

  2. 500 GB of storage space to add almost any additional content the institution would have access to.

  3. A virtual library of more than 4,000 French books. Plus optional integration of Library for All virtual library of more than a thousand books with hundreds in creole.

  4. More than 1,500 educational videos covering subjects from Math, biology to economics.

Flexibility to evolve as you grow

    The Surtab Education team works with School and institutions to configure the equipment based on their individual needs, making the Mobile Classroom relevant and impactful from Kindergarten to University.
    Start with a basic package offer and add devices and option as you grow or as you become more comfortable with the equipment and want to explore new possibilities.

Training and implementation support

Training session hours for teachers and technical personnel are included for each Surtab MCR sold.