About Sûrtab

Sûrtab is a Tablet PC brand that was founded and established in Haiti in 2013. Our factory based in Port-au- Prince manufactures affordable and durable tablet PCs. Since completing registration of our company in June 2013 we have expanded from 5 to more than 60 Haitian employees and the company will continue to grow as we increase our capacity. Since December 2013, we are in mass production, and as of right now, we have distributed more than 25,000 tablets to the market.

Our tablets are currently available in Electronic shops in Haiti and are sold wholesale in Haiti, the Caribbean and Africa.

Sûrtab is focused on creating much needed, well-paid jobs and increasing overall prosperity in low-income areas of the world by bridging the existing digital gap. We are on track to become a leading manufacturer of Tablet PCs outside China by providing affordable devices to governments, businesses, students and individuals who need reliable affordable electronic devices to progress in their fields of work and to pursue their interest. Thanks to our affordable prices 3G connectivity, our tablets can be used worldwide!

Our priority is to be a socially responsible business within the community where we operate. To ensure this, sûrtab operates with the highest integrity and ethical standards and holds health and safety in the utmost regard. Above all, we pay our staff well, re-invest our earnings into expansion and are intent upon nurturing loyalty and equal opportunity (70% of our staff are women) within our company so as to create an inspiring work place. By fostering such an environment, we seek to give a voice to team members who speak their mind and offer solutions to problems that they witness on a day-to- day basis. Correspondingly, management and staff champion the company’s reputation, assets, and integrity.

Positive change isn’t just a result, it is a process.

sûrtab , nom: Un mot de la contraction de l'adjectif Français sur la tablette et de l'anglais noun. En français, Sur est utilisé pour désigner les choses qui sont emphatique , certaine , et vrai ; des choses qui ne peuvent pas être mise en doute ; choses qui doivent arriver infailliblement ; choses qui sont fiables . Notre société a été fondée avec l'objectif de responsabiliser les gens dans le besoin en leur fournissant un comprimé fiable, durable . Ainsi nous avons choisi un nom qui nous a semblé suffisamment pris en compte les objectifs et les idéaux de notre société tout en nous offrant un rappel continuel que notre devoir - tout comme celle de nos produits - est d' être digne de confiance et ferme afin de changer le visage de la technologie pour toujours